Year in Review – May 17, 2017

Come and join us at Fort Calgary to discover Energy For All (E4A) and our activities throughout the past year. This event brings together the international projects and local educational programs of the past year and provides an opportunity for you to learn how to volunteer or travel with us in 2017.

We will be hosting a short presentation outlining the next 12 months and how you can get more involved with our programs. Coffee, tea, and cookies will be provided.

People have described Energy For All as a multi-dimensional, transformative organization. Come out and learn about us for yourself!


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3 Days 3 Ways Challenge

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The goal of this challenge is for 3 ways in 3 days to learn to appreciate:

Water: With access only to contaminated water, or to no water at all, people walk or bike several kilometres to a well and then carry water jugs of 40 lbs. home, sometimes more than once a day. We will carry 40 lbs. for 4 kilometres for 3 days. (small children can participate by carring an open tupperware full of water around 1 city block each day for 3 days).

Food: Westerners are privileged with culinary luxuries. We will break the Western routine and prepare 3 meals of only rice and beans for 3 days.

Energy: In remote villages where there is no electricity and the sun is down, simple household tasks become more difficult. Using only candlelight and flashlight while at home, we will see the challenges of living without lighting for 3 days.



Each participant chooses at least one of these challenges, but can do two or even three! The challenge runs from October 2016 to the end of March 2017.



Participants are encouraged to invite their family and friends to support them in the 3 Ways 3 Days Challenge by making a donation to Energy For All through your fundraising page. All funds raised will support clean water, renewable energy, and educational projects here in Canada and abroad in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Tanzania.

Note: Energy For All is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta but is unable to provide receipts for tax purposes.  We have applied for charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency and are waiting for their response.

The Top Fundraising Team

Make sure to get your co-workers, friends, or family involved, as the top fundraising team will be offered the opportunity for up to four of their members to see their donations at work on an educational trip to Ecuador!

Details: The team must raise a minimum of $7500 to qualify, and airfare is not included. Contact us if you have any questions.


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October 21 Meetup – Solar Energy

Join local solar energy expert and superstar volunteer Jacqueline Bourque while she tells you about the basics of solar power, the energy system here in Canada, the context in developing countries, and Energy For All’s solutions for bringing renewable energy to where it is most needed.

The event will be held October 21 at 7:00 pm at Hudsons Canadian Taphouse Downtown.

Visit our Meetup page to sign up!

December Meet Up

Adventure and Travel!  Our next meetup is about traveling to a developing country with volunteers who have come with us to Nicaragua and Ecuador.  They are going to talk about their experiences, what it is like to participate with an Energy For All trip and the challenges of living in a remote village for even a few days.

The event will be held December 21st at 5:00 pm at Hudsons Canadian Taphouse Downtown.

Visit our Meetup page to sign up!