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Current Projects:

Energy For All implements projects within the scope of renewable energy, clean water and wastewater.  If you are an organization working in a developing country and need help within the scope of our work, we encourage you to apply for funding.

Tanzania Clean Drinking Water Project

By working with local partners such as the Pamoja Tunaweza Women’s Centre, who has established strong relationships in the rural communities, Energy For All is supporting the education, training and implementation of clean water and wastewater and renewable energy programs in these villages.

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Energy For All will create a convenient and functional toilet block of international standard that will enhance clean environment, healthy learning and proper development of the pupils, as well as enrich the general landscape of the school environment.

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Energy for All is partnering with local communities and NGO’s to support the implementation of a solar lighting micro credit project with the community. The farming community is paying 3 to 4 months of their savings toward the residential system.

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Energy for All is partnering with local communities and Green Empowerment to support the WISIONS-funded Growing Esmeraldas with Renewable Energy (CRECER) program in the coastal province of Esmeraldas.

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