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Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.05.09 PMBy providing educational workshops, we are an active member of the community in Southern Alberta. With our experience internationally, we want to help foster a global perspective in our young Canadians. We believe that global citizenship starts locally. When students become invested in community development at home, they begin to harbour the empathy and skill-set required for addressing issues abroad.


“Ian was very professional and personable. The students enjoyed the presentation and were able to connect to the topic well. Great job and thank you for coming.”

—Staff at Westbrook School

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.07.41 PMI really appreciated the hands-on nature of the workshop. It brought together the science of circuitry that we had been studying. It allowed students to directly interact with renewable technology

—Staff at Connect Charter School


 Workshop Quick Facts


  1. Currently offering Solar Energy in a Changing World and Water for the World
  2. Lecture and hands-on activity provided by E4A staff and volunteers in your classroom
  3. Classroom sessions generally span one hour
  4. Sessions are limited to 30 students at a time
  5. Schools can pay $5 per student or purchase a Solar Caddy to help us raise funds and sustain the Local Education Program
  6. Students walk away with a global perspective and new hands-on skill
  7. From January to April, 2018, Energy For All reached over 700 students in Calgary and Cochrane schools


Students in Alberta drink clean water from a tap and use reliable electricity at the flick of a switch. Our Education Program invites students to understand what life is like without these luxuries.   

Our hands-on workshops feature a look at our international project sites where life has been significantly improved with the introduction of solar energy, bio energy and safe drinking water.


Our one-hour workshops leave students a global perspective and a new hands-on skill.

In the solar workshop we discuss the forms of power in Alberta and how the limitations of solar energy are beginning to change. In the water workshop, we discuss the unique situation of living near a vast mountain watershed such as the Rockies.

We then explore power and water resources in our project countries. Our student participants gain an understanding of power and water infrastructure projects and how they’re made sustainable through capacity-building; we stress the importance of locally-led projects with a deep consideration for the cultural, social and economic impacts of the project.

Connect-SolarCaddyThe second part of each workshop is the hands-on component where students are introduced to solar and water technology and its application on a small scale in remote regions. They develop a new skill in solar circuitry or water treatment. The activities are designed to demonstrate technologies which are implemented at our project sites.

This Local Education Program was developed at the request of the students themselves. There is an increasing demand in Alberta for education programs which teach community development, topics in sustainability and hard skills, such as solar panel installation and water treatment. We continue to address the need for special education programming with our high quality workshops.

The Solar Caddy


The Solar Caddy allows students to charge their tablets while they work outdoors.

Following the solar workshop, students may choose to fund raise or ask their school to help them acquire the Solar Caddy. The unit can be stowed in a vehicle and taken on a field trip where tablets and bio-monitoring instruments need to be powered or charged. The durability of the Caddy make it usable on the toughest roads and trails. It is not limited to use by school groups; the Caddy is suitable for a variety of field projects across all industries.

For the purpose of raising funds, the Caddy is $600 to purchase. For more information or to purchase a Solar Caddy, please contact Roselyn@Energy For All.

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Donate Now

How to Get Involved:

Energy For All welcomes involvement on multiple levels that include funding, project participation, and helping to generate local awareness.

Please contact Roselyn Himann at roselyn@energyforall.ca or 403.630.1395 for more information.