What are we all about?

Energy for all is an international development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by increasing people’s access to clean water, renewable energy and improved wastewater infrastructure in developing countries.  We accomplish this by; offering education programs and international community development projects.

One of our goals is to develop young Canadians to have a global perspective of the world.  To support them with the understanding they hold the power to bringing about change and increase the quality of life for themselves and others.  Our programs and projects are dedicated to advancing education, enhancing leadership skills, renewable energy education and experiential learning.

Featured initiative:

Education and Leadership Program

The Challenge:  Students in Alberta, Canada are able to drink clean water from a tap and have electricity at the flick of a switch. This program provides education and opportunities for students from elementary school to graduate studies the chance to understand what life is like in less developed countries, and how clean water and renewable energy can make a lasting impact and change in the world.   

Our Solution:  Energy for All is facilitating renewable energy and clean water workshops, international internships as well as leadership experiences.  Further details include:

  • Hands-on activities with water, solar energy, and electricity
  • Internships in Ecuador, Tanzania and Nicaragua
  • Mentorship opportunities with leaders in Calgary

What is the purpose of this project? Why is it needed?

The purpose of this project is to provide Canadian youth an opportunity to expand their skills in renewable energy, clean water filtration and global affairs.  This project is needed as school aged kids from grades 4 to 12 are asking for a program where they are able to learn about community development, sustainability as well as hard skills such as solar panel installations.  Energy For All teaches these skills in a local context as well as developing country situations.  For example, how is solar used in Canada, and how is it used in Ecuador.  We use case studies to illustrate these situations.  Energy For All has created a partnership with Cochrane High School and will expand to all of the Cochrane schools in the 2016/2017 school year.  First with Cochrane High School, then moving on to Manachaban and eventually all of the schools in the Rockyview School Division and Calgary Board of Education.

What activities will address the needs above?

The Energy For All local education and awareness program provides 6 learning modules and provides hands on participatory activities in the following areas;

  1. Renewable energy workshop where students assemble a solar LED lantern.
  2. Clean water filtration workshop where students identify contaminants in a watershed.
  3. International community development where students use interactive situations to role play.
  4. Leadership module where students have the opportunity to reflect on their own life and how that can impact out in the global world.
  5. Country case study Ecuador/Tanzania/Nicaragua – apply all of these learning modules in an international case study.
  6. Public speaking and presentation skills for students to communicate their experience to others.
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How to Get Involved:

Energy For All welcomes involvement on multiple levels that include funding, project participation, and helping to generate local awareness.

Please contact Roselyn Himann at roselyn@energyforall.ca or 403.630.1395 for more information.