Featured initiative:

Nicaragua Solar Lighting Micro Credit Project

The Challenge:

Over 1.3 million people in Nicaragua (primarily rural) are not connected to grid electricity.  Local families are currently dependant on kerosene lamps, candles, and battery powered flashlights for lighting.  All of which provide poor light quality, pose environmental and health risks and are costly; $5 to $11CDN each month for an average family consuming two to four liters of kerosene).

Our Solution:

Energy for All is partnering with local communities and NGO’s to support the implementation of a solar lighting micro credit project with the community.  The farming community is paying 3 to 4 months of their savings toward the residential system.  The entire project includes 1000 solar lighting systems for residential homes and schools.  This project will be implemented in phases.

Further details include:

  • Each solar system includes a 50 Watt or 100 Watt solar panel, 4 LED lights, cables, inverter and 12 Volt sealed lead acid battery.
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Donate Now

How to Get Involved:

Energy For All welcomes involvement on multiple levels that include funding, project participation, and helping to generate local awareness.

Please contact Roselyn Himann at roselyn@energyforall.ca or 403.630.1395 for more information.