Project Description

Project Description

 Background: Energy for All is partnering with local communities and Green Empowerment to support the WISIONS-funded Growing Esmeraldas with Renewable Energy (CRECER) program in the coastal province of Esmeraldas in Ecuador.  This partnership is targeting two key initiatives to help improve the livelihoods of Esmeraldas residents: a biogas digester program, and a gravity fed water system (part of a WASH initiative).  This brief will focus on the detailed project plans of the later.

Water & Sanitation: A core focus of Energy for All’s work in Esmeraldas, is the Water & Sanitation component. By project completion, there will be over 1,300 people that will be serviced by a simple gravity fed water project, and latrines.  The objective of this Water & Sanitation project is to provide clean drinking water to rural families, and dramatically decrease the incidence of water-borne illness. To  ensure project longevity and sustainable outcomes, this project will be executed in tandem with WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) community training.  In WASH training, community member will work alongside a hygiene trainer, learning strategies to to decrease disease and prevent contamination of potable water systems.  The table below outlines a regionally detailed blueprint of intended interventions in four communities across the province of Esmeraldas.

Site Parish Population Households Project Activities
Palma Real San Gregorio 320 74 Upgrades to potable water system, including metered household connections for all households.
Canalon San Gregorio 150 30 Upgrades to potable water system, including metered household connections for all households.
San Salvador San Gregorio 540 80 Upgrades to the potable water system providing an additional borehole well, additional filtration capacity, and associated conduction infrastructure.

Construction of 15 composting latrines.

Piedra San Gregorio 300 70 Construction of centralized gravity-distributed water system, serving households with metered individual household connections.

Training for the majority of Piedra’s community members on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) topics, in addition to in-depth training for a locally-elected water committee on WASH, organizational, technical, and administrative aspects of water system management.

Project Details

Country: Ecuador

Region: Esmeraldas Province

Timeline: June 2018

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