Project Description

Many First Nations Reserves and Indigenous Communities throughout Canada do not have access to clean water or renewable energy. The purpose of this project is to provide First Nations Reserves and Indigenous Communities with education, training, skills and, project implementation for clean water and renewable energy on their land.

One of our goals is to support the education and infrastructure development with First Nations Reserves and Indigenous Communities. Our programs and projects provide consulting services for the full life cycle of a clean water or renewable energy project. We also provide educational programs for enhancing leadership skills, water/wastewater and renewable energy education and, experiential learning.


Energy For All has created a water program to support clean drinking water for people living on First Nations Reserves in Alberta.

Success Criteria

The ultimate objective for a thriving community is to ensure potable water for all the people who live, and work on the Reserve. It is understood that this objective has not always been met for people living in these communities, and additional support to reach the clean water objective would be beneficial. To work towards achieving this clean water objective, the following phased scope has been proposed. 

Energy for All’s mandate is to increase people’s access to clean water, with supporting infrastructure, increased quality, and education. The scope of the initial phase of this project is to assess the water quality for an initial group of houses within the Nation. (some are currently relying on wells or cisterns, others are connected to the public water system.)  In subsequent phases, we assess the organizational structure of the public works, housing and health departments to ensure that people living with rural water infrastructure have their concerns and needs met with regard to clean water.

We encourage you to call or email Roselyn Himann at 403.630.1395 or if you live on a Reserve and would like some support to get clean water.


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Country: Canada

Region: Alberta

Timeline: June 2018

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