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If you are adventurous, compassionate, and have a passion for using your expertise for good, you can help! You can lend your professional experience to help us design, create, and build life changing water and solar electrical systems.

We don’t just throw many at these problems and hope they disappear… We create a network of incredible individuals like yourself who commit their valuable time and effort and help achieve positive changes in our world.

Come With Us

If you are the type to jump in and fix the issues yourself, you can join us on the ground in Ecuador, Tanzania, Nicaragua, or any of out other project destinations for an adventure in this life changing initiative.

By coming with us and getting your hands dirty, messing up your hair, sleeping under the stars, and creating your own legend, you can cement your status as a true world changer.

Come Spread the Knowledge

People from all backgrounds have gotten us to where we are today. If your skill set is based around teaching and shaping the mindsets of others, we would love to speak with you.

Knowledge is power, but spreading it effectively is a SUPERPOWER. We spread the word of our efforts through educational workshops designed for local residents on water maintenance and solar installations. It often isn’t enough to only provide these products to communities. We want to empower them with the knowledge to care for and grow these systems themselves!

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