Commonly asked questions.

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We often use the term “appropriate technology” which for us means we use what is the most sustainable and functional for the geographical location and resources in the community.

Some examples for water technology are gravity fed water filtration, deep water wells (with solar pumps), rain water catchment as well as new technology testing for electrocoagulation and oxidation techniques (

For renewable energy technology we have implemented biogas digesters and residential/commercial solar programs.

We have worked in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Tanzania, and Canada. Our future projects depend on the applications that are submitted. We currently have more project applications than funding so we depend on our generous donors to keep our programs moving forward.
The biggest factor for a project timeline is the funding. Once we have funding in place we move quickly. A project can take 3 months up to 2 years depending on funding and scope.
Absolutely! At the end of our project we encourage our donors and volunteers to travel with us to live and work in the community with us for a week or two and see all of the good work first hand.

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